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无山意指中式山水画意境,向往不受限于空间 ,  时间 ,物理状态框架的束缚,抒发本心能量的同时感受宇宙万物的细节。




“Seek Range” was founded in 2021 by designer Hong Lijuan and designer Li Mingliang, who graduated from the Beijing Fashion Institute of Technology with a degree in fashion design and a degree in product design respectively.


The brand name "SeekRange" refers to the Chinese landscape painting mood, aspiring to be free from the constraints of space, time and physical state framework, expressing the energy of the heart while feeling the details of the universe.  The Wushan brand has two sections, Wushan Creations, which focuses on product design ,and Wushan Botanical Garden, which promotes nature.From the perspective of humanity and nature, we introduce humanity and nature to the public through design. At the same time, the brand is dedicated to exploring the common connection of all things, respecting the objective law of development and supporting sustainable development.


Brand founder designer Li Mingliang and designer Hong Lijuan jointly researched fungal composite materials that won the 2021 Red Dot Award and the 2021 China Sustainable Design Award. Their work "Shanjun" was exhibited in the exhibition "Everything Lives" held by Central Academy of Fine Arts and published in T magazine. The two designers are also continuing to create products made of biomaterials and products that are suitable for everyday wear by consumers.

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The design depicts the connecting relationship and state between human and nature, from human natural evolution to industrial society, and the relationship between human and nature from proximity to alienation, and then to a new understanding of nature. The mushroom materials and "plants growing on furniture" in the series are placed at home and used as part of human daily life, forming a close relationship with closed doors and establishing a connection and emotion closely related to nature.

When hyphae are formed freely according to the natural structure, we should rethink the relationship between nature and our society and understand nature again.

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