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食物计划 N°1 —— 3D打印月饼

Culture means farming and breeding.

More than 10,000 years ago, human beings settled and agriculture appeared, which triggered the first major cultural revolution in human history. The dawn of civilization came quietly with the exploration of farming. On the one hand, human beings learn to use tools and explore all kinds of possibilities to acquire and preserve energy in order to multiply and survive; On the other hand, summarize, record and impart experience. Agriculture and settlement have changed the life style of primitive human beings.


With farming as its origin, it has created a series of creations connecting modern civilization. Making food has become the first cultural act of human beings, and it also marks the beginning of civilization and handicraft. ​ In today's era of abundant materials, food is gradually transformed into a creative way of self-expression, which is close to religious belief. Through food, we can freely talk about our feelings, express our ideas and even think about the future. So human beings constantly break the boundaries and live forever. ​


As a result, the "Farming Food Plan" was formally put forward, with the original intention as an attempt to "study the current food problems in a serious way". In 2019, the "Astronaut Moon Cake" designed and developed by NONGZAO Agriculture extended the first step, "Agricultural Food Program" N 1-



The exposed structure of 3D printed moon cakes is composed of geometric unit walls, and the scientific stability brings romantic and emotional association. Structure change, giving traditional food a regular change of vertical and horizontal cells, a new perception and a new way of life. In the idea of reorganizing food with 3D printing technology, how will future technologies and tools change human life?

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