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Combined with the contemporary context, BENTU takes concrete, the material that has been used since founded, as the materialized medium of the status of blockhead.


Exploring differentiated forms of "blockhead" in contemporary society, and guiding the viewers to pay attention to the world and surrounding environment with reverse view, perception and expression, then renew and replenish oneself in the interaction.



In this steel-and-cement world, material becomes an invisible cage for humans. People who do not stop material pursuits are in a race against the fast-changing tide of globalization. At this point, any surface that doesn't have a flash of light won't get even a fleeting glance. However, in the stage of the same era, there are still a group of "blockhead" ascetics, regardless of the benefit formula, and go their own way, paranoid at one thing at a time, and seem to defect from the contemporary society that pursues "faster, higher, and stronger".


The blockhead will always have an obsessiveness. They believe in or even be paranoid in an behavior as if they have been pulled by an inertia force. No matter the behavior is repeated or not, no matter how the result will be, they just keep doing. The sociologist Maximilian Emil Weber once said "Man is an animal suspended in webs of significance he himself has spun." Being a blockhead is just like nesting, giving oneself a sense of security bit by bit and eventually curling oneself up in the self-made comfort zone. However, what do we actually desire for?Or are they being carried by the times to drift with the flow?




We are facing all kinds of fragmented information every day, such as in the misty fog, too late to find the root. In the chaotic world, do the values we believe in really belong to “us”?




Humans seem are being domesticated like captive animals and most of our consciousness is "sham", and it is what the society that fills us with unreal knowledge. So I should pursue the "I" is the identity given by the society or the truth from my heart?

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